Elon Musk promises a revolution on his Tesla cars that will really change the lives of drivers

For cars offered by Tesla, the electric car maker owned by Elon Musk, April 2022 promises several changes. The Autopilot autopilot mode, recently criticized after Tesla car accidents while it was activated, should in particular be improved. As Tesla already announces on its site: “Autopilot is enriched with new functions and improves existing features to strengthen the safety and capabilities of your Tesla over time”.

The first notable change for Tesla is the Tesla Vision technology. While American cars have already been taking advantage of this technology since last year, which “leverages Tesla’s advanced suite of cameras and neural network processing for Autopilot operation” with the removal of speed cameras, European versions Model 3 and Model Y will now be able to take advantage of it. The functions of Autopilot and FSD (Full-Self Driving) will no longer rely solely on the cameras and the artificial intelligence of the car’s computer. Regarding the maximum speed allowed by the autopilot, the Tesla site already announces: “The maximum cruising speed is 90 mph (150 km/h)”. An additional advance when the limitation did not exceed 80mph. To the question “Could Tesla increase the autopilot limit from 80 to 85 or 90 on vision cars?”, Elon Musk also replied on Twitter “Soon”.

Autopilot level 3 will also soon be possible in Europe thanks to a recent amendment effective from July 14, 2022. Until now, only level 2 driver assistance systems were authorized and allowed, among other things, , automatic keeping in the lane of the vehicle and the presence of automatic cruise control.

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