Elon Musk starts selling the paid version of Twitter

After buying 9.2% of the capital of Twitter, in order to become its main shareholder, Elon Musk will join the board of directors of the social network. And this role, the boss of Tesla, who tweets a lot, takes it very seriously.

After announcing his appointment, Musk said he will make significant improvements to the platform in the coming months. Moreover, while this appointment was not yet announced, he tweeted about the “Edit” button which could finally be offered by the platform to allow users to modify their tweets after publication.

Elon Musk is interested in Twitter Blue, the paid version of the social network

Like other social networks, Twitter depends financially on advertising revenue. Nevertheless, in order to reduce this dependence, the company has launched a paid subscription, called Twitter Blue, currently available in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand (which allows for example to use NFTs as an image in profile).

And apparently, as a member of the board of directors, Elon Musk wants to “improve” this paid offer from Twitter. In a series of tweets, this one shares some suggestions for Twitter, regarding Twitter Blue.

According to him, everyone who subscribes to the Twitter Blue subscription should have some sort of authentication badge. The boss of Tesla nevertheless specifies that this badge should be different from that which certifies the accounts of public figures, or institutions. In addition, Twitter should implement measures against scams.

“The price should probably be around $2/month, but paid 12 months in advance and the account is unchecked for 60 days […] and suspended without refund if used for scam/spam”clarified Elon Musk, who seems very serious.

By the way, for this one, paying Twitter subscribers should no longer see advertising. He also believes that tariffs should be proportional to purchasing power in different countries, and Elon Musk even goes so far as to suggest that Twitter adopt the Dogecoin cryptocurrency as a means of payment (as a reminder, it is already possible for creators to receive donations in crypto, including Bitcoin, to monetize their influence).

Elon Musk also wants to turn the premises of Twitter into a shelter for the homeless

In another tweet, Musk asks his followers whether to convert the company’s premises in San Francisco into a shelter for the homeless, “since no one is showing up anyway” (due to politics of Twitter with regard to telecommuting?).

In another poll, Elon Musk even suggests removing the letter “W” from Twitter’s name.

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