Europe: Tesla, Renault and Hyundai on the podium of the least CO2-emitting brands in 2021

Edition of 04/14/2022

meaning of summer

Today, I try to find my Latin with an extraordinary car, even if the literature that accompanies its launch shakes up the language of Molière a little…


Car thefts: the SUV targets of choice in Ile-de-France

(AFP) – Spacious, stuffed with electronics, fashionable… And so easy to steal: SUVs are the favorite target of thieves in Ile-de-France, who ship them to Africa.

Around the car

Stellantis revamps its financing activities in China

(AFP) – The Stellantis group has announced that it will sell its stake in a car financing joint venture to the Chinese group Dongfeng and will “concentrate” its financial services in China within a new 100%-owned structure.


Lancia bets on “Italian elegance” to be reborn in Europe

(AFP) – The Lancia car brand will relaunch in Europe as the standard bearer of “Italian elegance”, with three new models including two electric by 2028, said its director Luca Napolitano, in an interview with the AFP.


Stellantis gives some breathing space to LSI (ex-GM&S) threatened with closure

(AFP) – The car manufacturer LSI (ex-GM&S) of La Souterraine, in Creuse, which was in great financial difficulty, received an “oxygen balloon” thanks to new orders from the manufacturer Stellantis, we learned Tuesday with management and unions.


Production of the electric Mégane suspended for lack of components

(AFP) – The Renault plant in Douai, which produces the Mégane E-tech, the electric version of the sedan which will be marketed from May, will be shut down from April 14 to 25 due to a lack of components. electronics, the manufacturer said on Tuesday.


Renault is studying a separate quotation for its electrical activities

(Reuters) – The plan to separate Renault’s electric activities from other powertrains aims to give them better visibility and could be accompanied by a separate stock market listing, the chief executive of the French carmaker said on Tuesday.


Stellantis & You refines its after-sales targeting to double its conversion rate

The distribution subsidiary of Stellantis deploys a new tool in Europe to improve its after-sales targeting. It has developed with Fidcar a mobile application used by its mechanics to easily enrich an intelligent and predictive information base.


Stellantis shareholders vote against compensation for Carlos Tavares and others

By a clear majority, Stellantis shareholders rejected the “Remuneration Report 2021” during a videoconference general meeting sent at a run. They considered that success did not justify such high remuneration for John Elkann, Carlos Tavares and Richard Palmer. This challenge is not binding but may not be without consequences.


Category Markets

Renault: Bank Of America takes a stake in the manufacturer

(AFP) – Bank of America is now the third shareholder of Renault, the group holding 7.34% of the capital of the French manufacturer and 5.44% of the voting rights through its subsidiaries, according to the threshold crossings announced Tuesday by the Financial Markets Authority (AMF).


Paris is accelerating on electric car charging

(AFP) – The largest car park for electric cars in France is now operational in the heart of Paris, where the installation of surface and underground charging points is accelerating, four years after the failure of the Autolib’ service .


Online car seller Cazoo expands into Europe

(AFP) – British online used-car seller Cazoo, which has grown by leaps and bounds since its founding in 2018, announced on Thursday a turnover that had quadrupled last year and plans to expand its activities in Italy and Spain.


CMA CGM announces the acquisition of almost 100% of the capital of Gefco

(Reuters) – The French maritime transport group CMA CGM announced in a press release on Friday the acquisition of almost all of the capital of the transport and automotive logistics group Gefco.


Electric vehicles: Italy releases 650 million euros in bonuses over 3 years

(AFP) – The Italian government decided on Wednesday to release 650 million euros over three years, from 2022 to 2024, to encourage individuals through bonuses to buy low-emission electric or hybrid vehicles.


Russia’s economy begins to crack under the weight of sanctions

(AFP) – Risk of default, collapse of the automotive sector, inflation … After weeks of increasingly harsh sanctions, the Russian economy is starting to crack, according to data published on Wednesday.


United Kingdom: more electric cars sold in March than in all of 2019

The British car market had its worst month of March as electric vehicles sold better than ever.


Italy: the promise of a bonus causes sales of electric cars to plummet in March

The announcement of the forthcoming publication of a decree establishing a premium on electrified models created a wait-and-see attitude and caused electric vehicle registrations to drop by 39% in March and by nearly 30% for the market as a whole.


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