“Fiat must become the people’s Tesla”

By 2027, Fiat wants to sell only electric cars in Europe. But if it were up to Olivier François, CEO of Fiat, it could go a little faster. “Fiat must become the people’s Tesla: electric for all,” says the CEO. “We will be ready in 2027 and maybe even before. We must become the first all-electric generalist manufacturer,” he told the British magazine. Coach.

“Small car specialist”

In the coming years, the Italian brand wants to focus on the B segment, in which it has been strong for a long time. Within the Stellantis group, Fiat clings to Citroën, but the Italians see very little overlap with the French. “We can be the specialist in small cars, Citroën has more right to exist in the D segment, and between the two, there is always a possible overlap”, declared Mr François. The next models will therefore use the Stellantis platforms as a base, thus putting an end to the FCA era.

Interview with Fiat Autocar Centoventi

Successor of the Punto

The very popular Fiat 500 – which is now also available in hybrid and fully electric versions – will of course remain in the range. In the years to come, it should be joined by a replacement for the 500X and the Panda. In the B-segment, Fiat wants to have three crossovers, some of which should be inspired by the Centoventi, the 2019 concept car. In addition, the Italians are making room for a B-segment car which should already be in the catalog next year. next. It will be the successor to the Punto, but it will probably have a different name. At Stellantis, it will compete with the Peugeot 208 and the Opel Corsa, and will therefore also be equipped with hybrid and electric engines.

Source: Coach

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