Focus on car insurance and comparators

Using an insurance comparator helps you find the contract that meets your needs. What guarantees to expect from insurance?

Why take out car insurance?

Auto insurance is compulsory for the entry into circulation of any motor vehicle with two, three or four wheels. In the event of an inspection, the lack of insurance is also liable to a fine. In addition to being a formality, it allows you to be compensated in the event of damage following a claim or to compensate a third party. The insurance contract is however to be chosen according to your needs and your profile. Note in particular that there are formulas intended for young drivers, drivers who drive little, malussed drivers, etc. Find the offer that suits you best with an auto insurance comparator, such as the website.

What are the guarantees offered by car insurance?

There are different types of auto insurance contracts with specific guarantees and services. Third-party insurance is the minimum mandatory formula and therefore the least expensive. This type of contract is designed to cover only physical and material damage caused by the vehicle to others. The damage suffered will therefore be your responsibility. To benefit from more coverage, you can opt for third-party insurance plus allowing you to choose additional options.

As its name suggests, all-risk insurance covers the majority of situations that may arise on the road. In other words, the physical and material damage caused by the vehicle and on the vehicle are compensated. Due to its comprehensive formula, this insurance is quite expensive. It is interesting if you drive a recent car or a new car.

Term insurance is little known. It is however practical to avoid exorbitant expenses. Its duration is fixed by the insured, but can be extended if necessary, provided that the procedure is initiated before the expiry of the contract. This insurance is often based on third-party insurance formulas covering damage caused by the driver. However, some insurers may offer more comprehensive packages with assistance and breakdown cover or vehicle damage cover.

Why use a comparator to find car insurance?

Using an insurance comparator is the best option to quickly find the offer that suits your needs. This type of platform allows you to receive several quotes and choose the one that suits you. The insurance comparators indicate in particular the annual amount of the premium and deductibles, the different insurance formulas as well as the possible additional options.


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