For Carlos Tavarès, Stellantis will catch up with Tesla

I’m really confident, and I’m not trying to be arrogant, I’m just confident that we’re going to catch up to Tesla in a few years, and it’s going to be very healthy competition.” . Here is what the CEO of Stellantis told journalists during a digital meeting with the press organized by Mobility TV World.

Even if Carlos Tavarès has never been a big fan of electrification or at least of the way governments impose it on manufacturers, he is aware that it is a must. Thus, to hope to compete with Tesla, Stellantis is taking a very different path with the proliferation of electric models. A policy is characterized by the fact that the latter are the same as thermal vehicles. This is the case, for example, of Peugeot models (208 and 2008), Citroën with the C4, DS (DS3 Crossback) or Opel (Corsa or Moka). In the coming months, the same will be true of the new 308 or the latest Astra. And this is only the beginning since the group will invest massively in electricity by devoting 30 billion euros to it by 2025. The group has thus launched the construction of four new platforms for electricity, capable of covering all needs. No less than 26 100% electric models will be launched by 2030, including a Jeep, and for batteries, five mega-factories are planned, with a production of 400 GWh on the same date.

The will of Carlos Tavares is commendable but certain arguments remain undeniably in favor of the American brand such as of course the network of superchargers, certain specific functions or a unique exterior and interior design which partly explains the success of the Californian manufacturer. Finally, it must be admitted that matching Tesla is easy when you have no less than 14 brands in your portfolio and an increasingly growing number of electric vehicles. As a reminder, today, the Tesla range consists of four models, the 3, the Y, the S, the X and two others should arrive in the coming months: the roadster or the Cybertruck. It’s a bit like David versus Goliath.

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