full of new functions for the summer and for iOS

The summer holidays are approaching and with them, the long car journeys to get to the summer resort. To help motorists, Google is adding new functions to its Maps application!

For motorists, a good summer vacation starts with a good driving route. Google Maps obviously allows you to test all the possible routes to optimize the trip (and reduce it as much as possible), but the application will go further: a new option will indeed make it possible to also obtain the prices of the tolls.

Siri controls Google Maps

Google Maps will therefore offer an estimate of the price to pay to take the motorway… But alas, not yet in France since this function will be available in April in the United States, India, Japan and Indonesia. However, the search engine indicates that other countries will be added to the list.

Credit: Google

While driving, the route displayed in the app will improve with the presence of traffic lights and stop signs. The design of the buildings will also be enriched to be easier to spot on the road. In some cities, we will even be entitled to the shape and width of the road. This new feature will appear on Android, iOS, Android Auto and CarPlay in the coming weeks.

Google is also making an effort to integrate with iOS and the Apple Watch. The connected watch will be able to launch routes without going through the iPhone. Shortcuts available in the watchOS application will start navigation.

With the help of shortcuts to be created in the Apple application of the same name, it will be possible to use Siri to activate Google Maps functions, such as activating navigation or searching in the app. Finally, new more practical widgets will be added, to know the arrival time from the home screen of the iPhone or even a route suggestion if you are driving.

Credit: Google

As with the other new features announced this week by Google, those specific to iOS will be available in the coming weeks, or even this summer for Siri support.

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