Funny scene in a Tesla supercharger center

Tesla Superchargers are now open to models from other brands in France. But this client of a competing manufacturer obviously did not understand their instructions.

For the past few weeks, it has been possible to take advantage of Tesla Superchargers even when you do not have an electric car from the Californian brand. The manufacturer dear to Elon Musk has just opened some of its fast charging centers to other brands, via a specific subscription system.

This is probably why the owner of the Cupra Born visible in the image below went to one of these Supercharger centers with his vehicle. But as you can see, he obviously made a small driving error when he arrived at the terminal. He literally rolled over the latter!

A Born on the terminal

How ironic when you know the name of the model, which refers to the El Born district of the city of Barcelona. There is something to enjoy giving a caption to this funny image…

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