Gigatelier event brought together more than 600 Tesla owners

The last event that the editorial staff of Tesla Mag wishes to highlight is the GIGATELIER. Indeed, the Tesla 3 France channel carried out a superb “PASSION” operation and thanks to an authentic community.

The largest Tesla rally in the world was held in France, according to the owner of the YouTube channel.

Channel owner issues statement

It is with great pleasure that we release the video released by the organizer of this incredible event which precedes another incredible event, the inauguration of the Gigafactory Texas.

We don’t know if this event puts the YouTube channel on hold, but this page will remain to leave a trace of the events organized by the global Tesla community.

Some memories in pictures of the Gigatelier event

Here are the first images that we can share in addition to the full video which retraces the highlights of this memorable event for many owners present.

The event of TFF Germany: Wild

At Tesla Mag, we regularly follow the adventures of “Owners Club” around the world – In February 2021, we honored the Taiwan community. Quite simply because we have been following each other for a long time mainly via Twitter. When the event is out of the ordinary you will most certainly find it in our columns (and not elsewhere).


  • Do not read Darth Vader, but Kylo Ren (Vador was his grandfather).

The most important German Tesla Club TFF (Tesla Fahrer und Freunde ev) realizes the incredible

I have always clearly distinguished the US from Europe. Indeed, the culture of the event is not at all the same. But it must be recognized that the event which took place this weekend in Hilden in Germany made the difference.

It is between 80 and 115 Tesla who found themselves to perform a wild dance that we present to you on video. All credits go to Lars Hendrichs, President of the TFF Club (Tesla Fahrer und Freunde ev)

A simply organized event

Corinna Josting (Elektrified Woman) had the idea to organize the event after seeing the videos from Switzerland (40 Teslas playing the light show).

As she is a regular guest at Seed and Greet she asked the owner (Roland Schüren) who is a Tesla veteran if he would allow such an event in Hilden. Of course he liked the idea and the event was born.

It took place in two stages:

  • A competition for the best individual Lightshow. Lars Hendrichs won the contest with this show:

  • All the cars played the famous “Christmas dance” at the same time. Around 80-115 cars took part (I don’t have an official figure). We saw cars from all over Germany, with people driving over 400km to get to this event.

Everyone had fun, there were even Tesla tuning companies (Custom-Tesla and Startech).

Here is a small gallery shared by the Club where you can see that there was Darth Vader 🤣

Not Darth Vader. This way Kylo Ren (Vader was his grandfather)

Taiwan community sets fire in exclusive video

We are scanning planet Tesla for you. And we are not done doing it. To give you an idea of ​​what Tesla owners around the world are capable of producing, we decided to shed some light on the Tesla Club of Taiwan. Why? Because it’s probably the region of the world where we don’t expect to see this type of ceremony.

Increasingly active Owners Clubs

The video that we offer you today is broadcast in direct agreement with Michael Hsufounder of the Tesla Club of Taiwan. We asked him for a few words about the origin of this event, here are his words:

Michael Hsu

This was the opening sequence for our owners club’s anniversary fire show. We welcomed 280 people and nearly 100 cars. Our event started with a picnic in the afternoon with games and bouncy castles as well as karts and treasure hunts. After the fire show, our event moved indoors for dinner, which included a magic show and raffles. The biggest prizes were an electric kart and a PS5 bundle. »

All Tesla owners who were visiting Taiwan had the right to attend this event, which must be considered a black mass for Daimler & consorts.

This video is exceptional in more ways than one:

  • The President of the club travels the place on a Hoverboard equipped with the Flamethrower sold by Elon Musk to finance “The Boring Company”.
  • The ceremony celebrates the anniversary of a club that is only 3/4 years old with more than 100 cars in a territory of 36,008 km2.
  • There is obviously a large majority of Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S.
  • It was chosen to light a fire with Elon Musk’s flamethrower.
  • The video has been viewed over 15,000 times as of this writing.

Feel free to react in comments on this video. Having seen the Tesla community build around the world, I can assure you that the Silicon Valley Owners Club has yet to do better in terms of showmanship 😉

TM SUMMIT, in 2015 Tesla Mag invites its members to the Peninsula

Disabled Tesla Magazine Club

On October 4, 2015, was held at the hotel “The Paris Peninsula”the first event organized by Tesla Magazine. It was very nice to be able to put faces to email addresses.

Thank you once again to all the people who, through their presence, were able to guarantee the success of this first meeting.

For all those who weren’t able to join us and also those who came, I wanted to make a written return transcribing as faithfully as possible this TMSUMMIT2015!


As the founder of Tesla Magazine, I have chosen to organize this first edition in a place that allows us to project ourselves towards the ambitions we have. Indeed, even if we all agree that this palace is in line with the Tesla Motors target, the primary reason was to build the framework for exchanges and actions allowing the promotion of the electric car.

This day was divided into two parts:

The morningan introductory conference was held at the Peninsula Hotel with speakers who were all committed to the electric automobile. Four nationalities were present at this conference, indeed, we had the pleasure of welcoming French, Belgians, Swiss and Americans.

To allow everyone to relive the atmosphere of this morning, we provide the slides of this conference.

You will then be able to exchange with the community for more information on the content, and if you want information on the speakers, we will be happy to answer you and send your contact details.

The afternoonwe organized a procession of 12 Tesla Model S in Paris: the route of this procession allowed us to stop on particularly exposed places: we parked on the place de la Concorde, the place Vendôme and the roundabout of the Invalids.

Thus, this TMSUMMIT marks the emergence of an open network of people sharing the same passion.

The pictures of TMSUMMIT are available at this address:

  • Here is a selection of photos to relive this event.
  • To preserve the confidentiality of those present, I wanted to publish all the photos in a private space. If you wish to have access to it, please contact us.

Thanks again to DRIVE and DEVIALET, the partners of this first meeting. Partnerships that we hope will be strengthened for next year.

TMSUMMIT2015 112


For 2016, we want to aim even higher by extending the invitations to all players who want to act for electrical performance. At Tesla Magazine, we know that Tesla Motors defines the codes of the electric revolution and that it is through exchange and education that electric vehicles will gradually be preferred to internal combustion engines.

Through this first meeting, Tesla Magazine affirmed its ability to bring together owners, prospects and enthusiasts in a friendly atmosphere. It’s a different approach from that of a club since beyond sharing around Tesla models, on the Tesla Model S in particular, we can inspire people who are not yet fully convinced.

The experience of this first event was very enriching and I thank all those who took the time to send us a complete feedback, it was important for us to take this into account.

Here are the points that will drive this second edition:

  • Organize a conference to address the following topics. (25% of the time)
    • Innovative initiatives
    • Tools available (API, terminal maps, Autolib)
    • Access to essential products
  • Organize round tables
    • Groups of 5 people led by an owner
    • Specific workshops: Tips, Tesla Magazine Improvements, Tesla Model Improvements, Roadtrips
  • Organization of Lunch which will be included in the ticket price.
  • Renewed invitations to the political sphere.

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