Google Assistant reminds you to remove your alarm clock on holidays

It looks like Google Assistant can warn you to turn off your alarm clock on the eve of a holiday. A function that appeared on the “At a Glance” widget available exclusively on Google Pixels.

One of the worst feelings in the world is an alarm clock going off on a holiday because you forgot to turn it off. In the update ” Feature Drop” of March of the Pixels, Google had announced that the widget “At a Glance » could send «reminders to turn off your alarm if the next day is a holiday“. An alert that began to be received in Canada.

A user saves his holiday thanks to Google Assistant

A certain als26 writes on Reddit that he received an alert from Google Assistant, reminding him that the next day was Canada’s national holiday. The voice assistant offered to change his alarm, scheduled for 9:30 the next morning.

The alert received on Google Assistant // Source: als26 on Reddit

Clicking on this notification allowed him to access his clock app to change his alarm. However, it does not allow one click to cancel the scheduled alarm clock.

Last March, Google recalled that “At a Glancebrought this reminder alongside the clock app’s other integrations, like bedtime, timer, and stopwatch, reports9to5Google. However for this alert, no setting appears in the widget.

Could this recall be extended to other Android smartphones?

9to5Googlegoes on to say that this could be extended beyond Google’s Pixels via Google Assistant. A feature that would also make more sense if it were integrated directly into the Google Clock application. This would improve the functionalities which make it possible to differentiate the days, according to the program of its weekend for example.

It could also be interesting to receive these same alerts for days off or holidays, via Google Calendar events for example.

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