Google Claims to Fix Google Analytics Latency Issues

About a week ago, Google Analytics real-time reporting lagged with some metrics in Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics 3. Google claimed to have fixed the issue twice, but some site owners are still saying that there continues to be a lag in reporting.

Issue schedule. The problem seemed to have started about a week ago on April 5 or 6. Google said it fixed the issue on April 7, 2022, but the issues persisted until today, April 12. There is also this issue tracker thread with many reports sent to Google about this.

What was the problem? Real-time reports from Google Analytics were either lagging or less than expected for users. Google’s first confirmation on April 7 of it said “we have become aware of an issue lasting between 2022-04-05 14:08:29 PDT and 2022-04-06 15:28:54 PDT where Universal Analytics has a problem with its real-time reporting interface. As a result, the interface may have shown incomplete results, or no data at all. Google posted on this advisory that “this issue has been resolved”.

Yesterday April 11th Google posted another status issue with Google Analytics saying “we are investigating reports of an issue with Google Analytics. We will provide you with more information shortly. Affected users can access Google Analytics, but see error messages, high latency, and/or other unexpected behavior. GA4 reports may appear blank or fail to load.

Here are some tweets with the problem:

Why we care. So if you’ve noticed odd or just “off” reports in Google Analytics, both GA4 and UA3, you’re not alone. Google supposedly fixed the issues, but we’re still seeing reports that the reports aren’t correct. Keep this in mind if clients or your boss ask for recent metrics and analysis.

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