Google Docs and Sheets: 5 tips to improve your productivity

There are tips to improve your use of Google’s office suite. Shortcuts to Docs. Automatic instructions on Sheets. And so on. Here are a few to know.

Google, YouTube, Maps, Chrome… if you are immersed in the Google ecosystem, it can be very useful to know some secret shortcuts and hidden options to get the most out of these services. It’s the same with Google Docs. There are some tricks you can use to be a little more efficient, whether on Sheets or elsewhere.

Create a new file with a simple URL

There are shortcuts that allow you to create new documents by typing an address of a few characters. Want to open a new text file? Type “”. Need a spreadsheet? “”. From a website? From a form? From a presentation? There are also shortcuts. All that remains is to edit, in short.

A simple URL can redirect to Google Docs. Practice.

Translate words with Google Sheets

Google offers an automatic translation feature in Sheets, which allows you to translate a list of words or phrases from one language to another.

Just write the instruction =GOOGLETRANSLATE(xx;language1;language2), with “xx” designating the cell code (for example C2) and language1 and language2 the source and target languages.

Google Docs Translate
If you have long lists of terms, this tool is invaluable.

Use voice dictation in Google Docs

It is possible to dictate your words in Google Docs, rather than having to type them in writing. The online service incorporates voice input that allows you to unfold your thoughts as if you were speaking to an audience. Only prerequisite: you must use Google Chrome. The functionality is not offered on a browser like Firefox.

voice dictation
It works quite well.

Let Google Sheets complete the formula

This is a feature announced in the summer of 2021. Google has started the deployment of a tool in Sheets to effectively support Internet users: it is a suggestion service for functions and formulas, based on data listed in the cells. This saves you from typing everything yourself and saves some typing time.

Google Sheets autofill formula

Play Wordle in Google Sheets

Because there is no reason to only have tips related to productivity, here is to conclude a step aside to have fun: know that it is also possible to play a small game of “Motus” in Google Sheets. Something to pass the time between two tasks you have to do today. We wish you a good game!

An unsuccessful attempt. // Source: Sheetle

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