Google launches a call for applications for the financing of African startups

The American computer giant, Google, has launched a call for applications for its Google for startups program. This initiative aims to facilitate access to funding for start-ups founded by Africans.

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Google for startups wants to bridge the existing technology gap in fundraising for startups on the African continent.

For this purpose, 13 countries have been selected. On behalf of West Africa, there are Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria. Startups from these targeted countries have until May 31 to submit their application.

This program offers start-ups the advantage of accessing capital of 50,000 dollars (31.4 million FCFA) or 100,000 dollars (62.8 million FCFA), depending on their stage of development, their current needs and of the amount already collected. Additionally, selected Founders have the opportunity to connect with Founders around the world.

To be eligible, the startup must be based in Africa or have legal representation on the continent, then contribute to the creation of jobs and be able to show growth potential to raise more funds in order to impact. Additionally, the startup must have a propensity to support the African community and have a diverse founding team with at least one African founding member.

Application link: App (

Kouame L.-Ph. Arnaud KOUAKOU


Source: Sika Finance



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