Google Maps: tolls, traffic lights… here are the latest new features of the application

The next Google Maps update will include new features eagerly awaited by users and especially motorists.

The famous mapping application used for our daily trips is about to be enriched by indicating valuable information during our road trips.

Google Maps will soon be able to display traffic lights but also Stop signs near intersections and intersections. Information which can be useful and which will make it possible in particular to anticipate certain stops, or even to lend vigilance.

Above all, this feature will be a key part of the development of the artificial intelligence of Google Maps. Indeed, by listing all the traffic lights of a city, Google had explained, in October 2021, that it wanted to create a service capable of managing traffic lights in order to optimize their operation and make urban traffic more fluid, especially during rush hours.

If the information contained around traffic lights in Google Maps is not directly linked to this future AI service, the tools offered by Google should make it possible to optimize certain elements of the smart city of tomorrow.

Another interesting piece of information that will be displayed on the maps: the size of the roads and their shape. A point which can allow better circulation in certain large cities by locating oneself more effectively on the road space, while notable buildings (monuments, town halls, etc.) can be specified there.

These features should be deployed in the coming weeks, but the countries concerned have not yet been specified.

The price of tolls displayed

At the same time, Google has confirmed its desire to take into account the price of tolls on a journey. An interesting element at a time when problems related to purchasing power and rising prices are of interest to Europeans.

However, the deployment of the functionality linked to the cost of tolls will not concern the Old Continent immediately. Only motorists from the United States, Japan, India and Indonesia will be able to plan their journeys taking into account the prices displayed.

New on iOS

Finally, Google says that iPhone users running iOS will soon be able to take advantage of some features that Android smartphone users may already be familiar with. Thus a dedicated widget will be able to appear directly on iPhones under iOS 15. In addition, Apple Watch owners will be able to see the application directly on the screen of their watch. Finally, the voice assistant Siri will finally be compatible with the application.

All these new features are detailed in the Google blog.

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