Google partners with iFixit to let you fix your Pixel smartphone yourself

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In a few months, you will be able to attempt to repair your Pixel smartphone yourself. Google announces today that it has entered into a partnership with iFixit to sell spare parts for its smartphones, from Pixel 2 to Pixel 6 Pro, as well as future models.

You can buy these elements individually (battery, screen in particular, but not only) on, as well as complete kits including the tools necessary for disassembly. This offer will be launched on end of 2022 ” in France.

This announcement follows that of Samsung, which, a few days ago, also announced that it would offer – in the United States only – spare parts for some of its smartphones and tablets (S20, S21, Tab S7+, etc.) through iFixit. At the end of last year, Apple had taken the lead with the launch of a program called Self-service repair.

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As Google reminds us in its press release, however, you will have to proceed with care to repair your smartphone yourself. The firm indicates that this offer is aimed above all at ” repair professionals and experienced consumers “. It is true that changing a part of such a complex terminal requires a lot of meticulousness and patience.

These new offers are not innocent. In the United States as in Europe, the right to repair is becoming a legal reality. It is reassuring to see that the tech giants are actively preparing for this.

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