Google Pixel Watch: a premium connected watch to compete with the Apple Watch?

Google has strong ambitions in terms of products and it gives itself the means to develop. After making several major acquisitions such as Fitbit, Fossil and HTC, the American giant is now on the offensive.

On the occasion of Google I / O, the firm presented its new Pixel 6a and Pixel 7, but also a tablet which will arrive in 2023, wireless headphones and for the first time a connected watch, the Pixel Watch. For its development, Google did not launch blindly since James Park, the vice-president, general manager and co-founder of Fitbit, now leads the division. wearables of the company.

Premium positioning for the Pixel Watch

In an interview with our colleagues from, he explains how the Pixel Watch will fit within the range with a positioning “super premium“. It should take advantage of the best available technologies and in particularall advanced health and fitness features, plus LTE“.

As a high-end connected watch, the Pixel Watch would find itself facing Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (€369) and the Apple Watch (€429), so we can expect a similar positioning between 350 and €450, but we will no doubt have details on this in the coming months.

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