Google Plans Trans-Pacific Undersea Cable To Link Colombia.C And Japan – Surrey Now-Leader

Google has announced a plan to connect Canada and Japan with an undersea fiber optic cable called Topaz.

The cable is the width of a garden hose and contains 16 pairs of fibers capable of speeds of up to 240 terabits per second. When completed, Topaz will connect Vancouver and Port Alberni to Mie and Ibaraki prefectures in Japan.

“We expect Cable to be service-ready in 2023, not only providing low-latency access to Search, Gmail and YouTube, Google Cloud and other Google services, but also increasing the capacity of region for a variety of network operators in Japan and Canada,” the company said in a statement.

Google is working with local partners in Bosnia.C and Japan to help deliver the project, including the Hupacasath, Maa-nulth and Tseshaht First Nations.

“Tseshaht is very proud of this collaboration and our partnership with Google, which has been very respectful and thoughtful in its engagement with our nation. This is how we are doing and this is how we want businesses to be doing in our territory,” said Ken Watts, Tseshaht’s elected chief councilor.

“The five First Nations of the Maa-nulth Treaty Society are pleased that we have reached an agreement with Google Canada and consented to the installation of a new high-speed fiber optic cable in our traditional territories,” said said Chief Charlie Cootes, President of the Maa-nulth Treaty Society.

“This agreement, from which Google Canada and our Nations benefit, is based on respect for our treaty rights and constitutionally protected Aboriginal rights and enhances the reconciliation process. We would also like to acknowledge the sensitivity that Google Canada has expressed during our discussions regarding the pain and trauma experienced by our employees as a result of the residential school experience. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Google Canada. »

Although this will be the first trans-Pacific cable linking Canada to Japan, it will not be the first communications cable for Vancouver Island. In the 1960s, the Commonwealth Pacific Cable System linked Vancouver Island with Honolulu, Sydney, Australia and Auckland in New Zealand.

The cable is no longer in service, but Google has upgraded and repurposed the original cable landing station in Vancouver to accommodate the needs of Project Topaz.

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