Google Selects Prince Harry-Backed Travalyst For Emissions Data In Flight Searches

Google is using a new method to collect and display flight emissions data that has been developed by Travalyst, marking the latest step in the coalition’s efforts to push bookers to make more sustainable travel choices.

The non-profit Travalyst, a global partnership founded by the Duke of Sussex, is encouraging greener practices across industry. In 2019, Prince Harry brought together TripAdvisor,, Ctrip, Skyscanner and Visa, with Google only joining in September last year.

A month later, Google began showing carbon emissions estimates for searches on Google Flights, and noted in a blog post that it was helping develop an open model for calculating the carbon emissions of the air transport with Travalyst.

On Wednesday, Google released a free “Travel Impact Model” for emissions estimates that further details the Travalyst framework – an initiative designed to encourage broader industry adoption.

Skyscanner is also joining Google in starting to use the framework on its consumer platform, and Travalyst said it was instrumental in its development.

The couple’s adoption follows a recent scientific study that highlighted just how ineffective carbon offsetting has become. “We know that one of the barriers that keeps consumers from making better choices is lack of visibility and overly complicated information, which leads to confusion,” said Sally Davey, CEO of Travalyst.

“By providing clear and consistent tools for collecting and reporting airline data, we are helping travelers and the industry make more informed – and less carbon-intensive – air travel choices. It is extremely important that our partners have come to an agreement on this framework and are using the same data across all their platforms,” added.

While Google is acting as a technology provider and enabling more platforms to easily display carbon estimates using the Travel Impact Model, other calculators and tactics are already in the works. settle, especially in the business travel industry.

More agencies and booking tools are starting to display carbon footprint data, with SAP Concur and CWT the latest to use data provided by Thrust Carbon. Companies like Microsoft, meanwhile, are turning to penalizing business travel with hefty fees.

Travalyst’s four other travel distribution partners have confirmed their intention to adopt and implement the model, and it’s likely other brands will follow with Google now on board.

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