have your Tesla delivered to the station

The short-term rental company Carlili has just raised the sum of 24 million euros in order in particular to acquire a fleet of 300 Tesla (Model 3 and Y) and to extend its geographical coverage in France.

Premium positioning, nests. That of short-term rental of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, delivered to your home. Thus today Carlili is able to deliver a vehicle to your home in two hours, in the Paris and Lyon regions, thanks to a network of 350 independent delivery people. But the lessor intends to increase in power and, to do this, has just raised 24 million euros with the main aim of acquiring a fleet of 300 Tesla (models 3 and Y), to inflate its payroll and extend its geographic coverage to major French cities.

Premium positioning

Questioned by our colleagues from autoactu.com, its CEO Vincent Moindrot clarified: “We are going to start by making vehicles available to our customers in the stations of these major cities, in this case Teslas which will be equipped with unlocking systems. by mobile phone, starting next September. With an offer at 70 euros per day for a Tesla, we have a premium positioning but we offer recharging whereas the rental of a thermal vehicle requires refuelingat a particularly high cost at the moment”

Published on 04/13/2022 Updated 04/13/2022

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