He gets his Tesla reimbursed by criticizing its autonomous driving system

Very disappointed by the driving assistance systems that he considered too inefficient, the owner of a Tesla Model 3 sued the American manufacturer to be reimbursed.

Tesla offers several levels of driver assistance on its models. The basic level first, including adaptive cruise control and a lane keeping assistance system. The intermediate level then, going further in the assistance of reading of the roads. Finally, the level of readiness for fully autonomous driving, which equips the car with sensors allowing in theory to switch to 100% autonomous driving as soon as this technology is ready.

A third level chosen by the German customer of a Model 3, impatiently awaiting the day when we can let ourselves be driven in his Tesla in a completely autonomous way. But while the finalization of this 100% autonomous driving system is taking longer than expected, the customer in question was disappointed with the efficiency of the systems already embedded in his car: finding the automatic lane change assistant downright deficient and the detection of the hazardous panels, he did not hesitate to go to court to demand reimbursement of his car at the new price.

A victory and a call from Tesla

And the court ruled in his favor at first instance, ordering Tesla Germany to reimburse him in full for his car. Note that the manufacturer has appealed the decision.

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