He takes the wrong pedal and almost throws his Tesla in the port

This Tesla Model 3 driver almost ended up in the port of Dana Point in California. He took the wrong pedal and came to rest on rocks, a few meters from the water.

The brake is on the left! Do not confuse the accelerator pedal with the brake pedal. But even less when you are near a port. Local authorities said the driver of this Tesla Model 3 was surprised by the power and instant torque of his electric car. He therefore did not have time to react and ended up running aground on rocks on the edge of the port.

No photos or details were provided on the damage to the Tesla, but we suspect the front end took quite a beating when the car slammed into the rocks. In addition, it is likely that the underside of the car was also damaged during this unplanned little excursion off the road. Unfortunately, a rock may have pierced the underside and damaged the battery.

Stroke of luck

Even if the rocks damaged the Tesla, it’s almost good news. Although some owners have already proven that Teslas can survive underwater, a swim in the harbor certainly wouldn’t have done this sedan any good. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a pedal error is the cause of 16,000 accidents per year in the United States.

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