He took the wrong pedal while parking and almost ended up in the water!

The driver of this Tesla Model 3 got a real scare on the California coast of Orange County this weekend. While parking, he almost ended up in the water.

We’ve said it before but it doesn’t hurt to say it again, sThe wrong pedal in the car is never a good thing. Regardless of the situation, it is better to avoid confusing the brake and the accelerator.

However, this is what happened to this Californian motorist at the wheel of his You’re here. But bad luck for him, he didn’t just hit the car behind him while making a slot.

Oh no, by taking the wrong pedal and pressing hard on the accelerator, the driver of the Model 3 sent his racing car on a pier of rocks, a few centimeters from the ocean!

It didn’t go far

Luckily, the Tesla didn’t end up in the water but it really didn’t matter much. Good on the other hand, concerning its condition, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that this Model 3 has lived through this improvised passage on all these rocks.

But at least the next time for sure, the driver will be more attentive to the pedals he’s using while he’s trying to park somewhere.

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