He uses puppies to scam people, Google punishes him

On the Internet, scams are on the rise. If we are more attentive to these malicious actions, we are still not completely impervious to them. Especially since all the means are good to achieve its ends. Even if it means exploiting adorable puppies. This week, Google is suing a man for “puppy scam”.

Adorable puppies to better scam

With the Covid-19 pandemic, and the successive lockdowns over the past two years, many people have felt alone and isolated. Especially among our elders. Unfortunately, more than one scammer has taken advantage of this vulnerability.

What better way to soften his victim than by selling adorable puppies? Nche Noel, a Cameroonian, claimed to be selling cute Basset Hound babies through fraudulent websites with fake photos and misleading reviews. Coaxed, multiple people in the United States were trapped. Without suspecting that they will never see their future four-legged companion arrive.

Thus, one of the victims paid 700 dollars in “digital gift cards” to treat herself to a new friend with long ears and irresistible eyes. But for Nche Noel, this is not enough. The scammer continued to dangle his prey by claiming he needed another $1500 for the delivery company. Despite everything, the target never received the puppy in question. In reality, the latter never existed.

In addition to using Google’s services to communicate with its victims, Nche Noel promoted its fraudulent sites through Google Ads campaigns. For the tech giant, this does not pass. The Mountain View firm has therefore decided to take this scammer to justice, after being alerted by the AARP, an advocacy group for the elderly, at the start of the last school year. Thus, Google seeks damages from the scammer, accusing it of having violated the terms of use of its services.

In November, the ARRP published a comprehensive report to denounce this new form of scam, playing on our sensitive chord. The NGO set out, among other things, four warning signs to be taken into account to ensure that it is not fraud.

This story is the perfect opportunity to remember that it is always better to adopt than to buy your future four-legged friend. Indeed, many dogs (and cats) are just waiting for a new family to love in shelters and other animal defense associations.

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