Health insurance warns in Côte-d’Or

“Ameli: your new Vitale card is available. Please complete the form via…”, “ameli account: after checking your file, we have determined that you will receive a refund…” You may have received this type message over the past few weeks. And if you didn’t act on it, you were right!

This Friday, April 8, the primary health insurance fund of Côte-d’Or warned on its social networks against SMS scams which aim to collect your bank or personal details. And to recall several rules of use: “The Health Insurance will never ask you to click on a link to receive a refund or pay costs” or “The Health Insurance never asks for personal items by SMS”.

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Indeed, any transmission of personal or even banking information must be done from your secure personal account on the website.

If you receive a suspicious text message, you can report it on the platform or by text message to 33 700. “These services will block the sender of the message”, specifies Health Insurance. Finally, you can find all the advice from the Health Insurance to protect yourself from these scams on the Health Insurance website.

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