Home insurance in Occitania: + 40% in ten years – 1 p.m. newspaper

The annual levy to insure his 50 square meter apartment is 147 euros. There is nothing disturbing, except that last year, a resident paid 27 euros less. “I would have liked to realize before. It is true that these are things that we do not necessarily pay attention to on a daily basis”, she testifies. For good reason, there would be more burglaries and climatic disasters. This would explain why in Occitania, home insurance has increased by an average of 40% in ten years. And this increase often goes unnoticed. “It’s a bit mixed up in all the insurances of my bank. As a result, I have no visibility at all on the exact amount”, testifies a resident. For their house with five bedrooms, some pay more than 700 euros per year. And for previous years, timelines have disappeared. So what to do, if it is only infidelity to his insurer, provided he has signed his contract for more than a year. Also beware of duplicates, do not take out several insurance policies for the same risk. TF1 | Report F. De Juvigny, JV Molinier

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