Home insurance: why do contract prices vary by region?

It is in Brittany that home insurance costs the least. (Pixabay/Harry Strauss)

The prices of multi-risk home insurance vary between 171 euros and 242 euros on average per year depending on the region. The rate of burglaries and climatic disasters influence the price of these contributions.

Home insurance is cheaper in some regions: this is the observation made by the comparator Assurland.com. The average of a home insurance contribution amounts to 216 euros per year in the country. But there are regional differences. It takes 171 euros on average per year in Brittany against 242 euros in the Ile-de-France region, reports

The Parisian


Between 18.8 and 40.6% increase in 10 years

Brittany is ahead of Pays de la Loire (179 euros). A little further, we find Burgundy Franche-Comté (188 euros), Normandy (190 euros), Grand-Est (193 euros) and Centre-Val de Loire (197 euros). The situation is quite different in the southern half. Reaching 240 euros on average per year, the premium paid by policyholders in the PACA region is very close to the highest level in the country. These are a few euros more than in Occitania (232 euros). Nouvelle-Aquitaine (204 euros) and Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (205 euros) are very close.

The increases in this contribution over 10 years are contained between 18.8% in Brittany and 40.6% in Occitanie when they are around 30% in a large part of the regions. How to explain the difference of 71 euros between the lowest and highest contributions?

“The main reason is the loss ratio”

says Olivier Moustacakis, CEO of Assurland.com, at



Burglaries and weather

In 2019, it was indeed in Brittany that the burglary rate was the lowest in the country with 3.6 cases per 1,000 inhabitants, showing a drop of 9% over one year. And it is in Ile-de-France that this rate was the highest (8.7 burglaries per year for 1000 inhabitants). The high contributions in the south of the country are also due to the climatic disasters that affect the Mediterranean rim. We can also mention the Roya and La Vésubie valleys devastated by storm Alex in 2020.

To lower your contribution, you can prefer the basic formula to the high-end formula. But better to compete. We can hope to save up to 30 or 40% according to the insurance comparator.

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