How to efficiently charge your Tesla Model Y?

The different powers can range from 3kW on a domestic socket, to 120 kW on a Tesla Supercharger. A type 2 cable and a household adapter are supplied as standard for charging your Tesla Model Y. For any other type of connection, you may need to purchase a specific adapter.

To recharge at home, the choice of the installer is decisive. Indeed, you must be reassured about the price and the quality of the work of the craftsman. We have designed a system that allows us to recommend you to a Premium network. ⚡️ Take the opportunity to avoid bad surprises and save precious time. ⌚️

Do you have a specific charging station installation project?

Types of sockets compatible with the Tesla Model Y:

  • Tesla Mobile Connector for household outlets
  • Type 2 cable for accelerated terminals
  • Tesla wall connector or wallbox
  • Tesla Supercharger
  • CCS Combo 2 Adapter
  • CHAdeMO Adapter

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On which public networks can I recharge?

More and more public terminals are installed in France and Europe, allowing accelerated charging. Type 2 sockets have become the standard. That’s good, as we have seen, the Tesla 3 is equipped with it, to connect to these terminals. The car is then subjected to a power of up to 11 kW, allowing it to recover 65 km of autonomy per hour.

These fast terminals are generally found in underground or surface car parks. Shopping centers, hotels, or even public administrations offer them, for example. Many cities have installed terminals to encourage the use of electric vehicles, which do not emit particles, CO2 or NOx (nitrogen oxide) in the exhaust.

The Model Y has a GPS referencing the charging stations. Thus at any time during a trip, the driver can go to the most suitable charging point. In addition, an online tool allows you to plan your journey, depending on the departure and arrival points of course, but also on the necessary and available loads on the way. So you know in advance where and how long you will be stopping.

Some public places offer free charging for the Tesla Model Y electric car. Then there are many chargeable charging networks. It is very difficult to estimate the price of a recharge, because it depends on the recharge session, the time spent or the kWh recovered.

Many badges also exist on smartphones to list charging points accessible to the public. For example, Chargemap is a community service that references all public charging stations, and offers a payment solution for Tesla Model Y.

How much does charging cost?


A full tank costs around €9. Thanks to a terminal connected to the electrical network of your home or workplace, you can recharge the Tesla Model Y car with the rate charged by the electricity supplier of your choice.

As with most electric cars, it is possible to recharge the batteries of a Tesla Model Y on a simple household outlet. But one hour of connection will only allow you to find about 14 kilometers of autonomy at the power of 2.3 kW. It would thus take more than a day to completely regenerate the pack of a Long Range version.

With a wall box, it is possible to recharge the battery up to a power of 11 kW, i.e. 6-8 hours to replenish energy. Enough to find 70 km of autonomy in 1 hour. It’s much more interesting, and less dangerous.

On Superchargers

In Europe, the Model Y is equipped for fast charging to the Combo CCS standard. Tesla superchargers in their original configuration are not suitable for it. In December 2018, the American manufacturer began to add the cable with Combo connector to its existing fast chargers in Europe. It can regenerate, usually in about an hour, the Model Y Long Range pack.

An immobilization that can curl up to 2 hours with a completely drained battery, in order to restore it to 100% of its capacity. A full tank will cost you around €12.

In 2020, Tesla has 80 stations, with more than 650 Superchargers in France. The deployment continues with third generation stations in Angoulême (16) and Les Herbiers (85) in particular, with an increase in peak power. It was 150 kW and Tesla will offer 250 kW.

On public terminals

Example: the Ionity network

The Model Ys have a Combo-CCS connector from the outset and can therefore be recharged using an Ionity station. The basic rate is €0.79/min (ultra-fast terminal or HPC).

To estimate the time of your charge according to the type of terminal, go to the end of the article!

How long does it take to fully charge my vehicle?

The Model Y, a 100% electric family sedan from the American manufacturer Tesla Motors, can recharge 80% of the vehicle’s battery in 30 minutes, thanks to the fast charging terminals. The charging time of the Tesla Model Y is 7 hours, 20 minutes on a 7 kw Wallbox, at 80%.

With its significant autonomy and the possibility of connecting to different terminals to never run out of electricity, the Tesla Model Y is a versatile and relatively affordable vehicle. Before buying an electric vehicle, it is important to check that it is easy to connect to any terminal.

Comparative table

Tesla Model Y Price
At home 9€
At the Supercharger 12€
On the Ionity network 0.79€ / min

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