How to find the right car insurance?

The criteria for good car insurance

If the quality/price ratio remains an essential criterion, it is nonetheless secondary. The efficiency and availability of customer service remain essential criteria. If your requests and questions are not taken into consideration from the start, run away. Likewise, if the approach seems far too commercial to you, beware.

Good car insurance must be easily accessible. Prefer an insurance that has agencies. If there is only one number to reach your insurer, or worse that the communication must go through an email box, turn to other insurance companies for your car.

Auto insurance must be professional. Choose an insurer whose business it is. Banks, like insurance brokers, actually serve as an intermediary between you and the insurance company. In the event of a claim, payment problem or other, communication will only be more complicated.

How to choose the right car insurance

  • First, define your needs: third-party insurance, or on the contrary all risk? How many kilometers do you drive? Would you like a recovery vehicle in the event of a repair? What is your budget ? So many parameters to define upstream in order to better analyze the offers.
  • Then get a quote for car insurance
  • Then carefully study the different proposals. Find out about the fee schedules as well as the terms of reimbursement. Like the existence of a deductible in the event of glass breakage or an accident. Find out about the flexibility of the offers and the existence of advantageous optional modules.
  • Be sure to turn to an insurance company that accepts impaired drivers or customers who have terminated their old insurance if this is your case.

Allianz, car insurance that meets the expectations of the French

In addition to its flexible car insurance contracts, Allianz accepts all driver profiles: from young drivers to terminated customers or those with penalties.

A quick and easy online subscription will take you about ten minutes. Your offer is personalized and the guarantees correspond to your specific needs.