How to Fix File Download Errors on Google Chrome Browser

In this article, we will show you how to fix Virus scan failed or virus detected, Download blocked, no file, Forbidden, disk full, Network failure errors on google chrome browser.

Errors while browsing are quite common in all web browsers. However, we must understand that behind every error there is a technical side or maybe a problem that causes it to occur. At TheWindowsClub, we’ve worked to resolve the most common errors associated with all popular browsers. This time we will tell you how to fix the file download errors that arise in Google Chrome.

The error is quite irritating especially if you are in a hurry and intend to download an important attachment or any other file. This problem also persists when you try to download new apps, themes, extensions or even files with other extensions. Below is a list of errors that commonly plague Chrome browsers, along with a brief description of how you can fix them,

Fix Chrome Download Errors

If you receive any of these Chrome Browser download errors, this article will show you how to unblock files and fix these download errors on a Windows PC:

  • Virus scan failed or virus detected error
  • Download blocked
  • No file error
  • Prohibited error
  • Disk full error
  • Network failure error

Needless to say, nothing works if you’re not connected to the internet, so the first step should always involve checking your connection. Check that your internet connection is working, clear your browser cache and try again. Also, try to force resume downloading the file by clicking “To resume.” Another way is to try to resume the download after a time interval.

1]Virus scan failed or virus detected error

It is clear that your antivirus scanning software might have blocked the download and you can just open the antivirus tool and check the details of why the file was blocked. Another possibility is that the Windows Attachment Manager has already deleted the file you tried to download. Check your Windows Internet Security settings for download preferences.

Lily: Download failed – Virus detected message.

2]Download blocked

This is yet another particular issue that persists with certain websites and file downloads. On Windows, this problem usually occurs when the Windows Attachment Manager has deleted the file you tried to download or your file may have been blocked by Windows Internet Security settings.

Lily: Disable Chrome virus scanning if downloads are stuck on Checking for viruses message.

3]No file error

Well, it’s simple, it all means that you are trying to download content that is no longer hosted on the website. Again, in this case, you can try contacting the website owner or trying to find an alternative site.

Lily: The download is in progress indicates Chrome; But nothing is downloading.

6]Network failure error

This error usually occurs when trying to save anything from Chrome Web Store and it is often caused by unwanted software blocking the installation. You can delete the unwanted software and try the installation again, otherwise I personally suggest you check if your firewall is the culprit.

Lily: Chrome blocks downloads with network failure error.

4]Forbidden error

The forbidden error is the system’s way of telling you that you don’t have enough permissions to download the file from the server. This is something that is very common on intranets and if you don’t have download access. If you have access to the download and you cannot access it yet, make sure your IP address is not blocked by the website.

Lily: Google Chrome browser downloads hang at 100%.

5]Disk full error

Again, a simple error that directly suggests you to delete some items from your computer or just empty the trash.

I hope this helps you.

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