How to View and Add Notes to Google Docs from Google Keep

Google has developed an intuitive solution for its handy note-taking app – Google Keep. If you don’t know, a new feature in Google Keep allows users to easily drag and drop snippets of notes from Google Keep directly into your open space. Google Docs.

Add Google Keep Notes to Google Docs

To add Google Keep notes to your Google Docs, launch the Google Docs app and click ‘+‘ to create a new document.


Next, locate the Tools menu in the application ribbon interface and once found, click on it to open it.

Then select ‘Keep Notepad‘ to display a list of your Google Keep notes. The Keep tab, like the Explore contextual tab, is located in the Tools Menu and allows users to search their notes in a side panel. Search results are displayed as cards, ready to be dropped into the main editing window with formatting preserved.

All cards are displayed in an appropriate order (newest to oldest). Once you have selected the note you wish to insert into Google Doc, simply click on the ‘3 dots menu’ and choose ‘Add to documentthe option. This will add Keep Notes directly from the sidebar to the open Google Doc.

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Alternatively, if you are already inspired by the content of your document, you can create a new note by highlighting the relevant text, right-clicking and selecting “Save to Keep Notebook.” New notes will be instantly linked to the original document.

You can also use the same functionality for ‘Bookmark‘. For example, when you have chosen the option ‘Add to document‘ in the menu of Keep Note, a link is added to your Google document with the title of the link itself.

This feature is really handy especially when you are creating a report and using different references as the source.

This is how you can add Google Keep notes to your Google documents. This new move by Google in an effort to expand Keep beyond its mainstream user base makes sense, as many government and education users may have already used the app and the added functionality will help. even more to the adoption of the service.

Can Google Keep notes be converted to Google Docs?

Yes, Google Keep Notes can be converted to Google Docs. Google Keep comes with a built-in option called Copy to Google Docs. It helps you copy entire note from Google Keep to Google Docs in seconds. FYI, you can create a separate document for separate notes.

Although you cannot export Google Keep notes from Google Keep to another third-party app, you can do so with Google Docs. It is possible to transfer all your notes from Google Keep to Google Docs in a few moments and without third-party programs. You can use the Copy to Google Docs option to do the job.

In case you didn’t know, Google Keep is now part of G Suite. It helps employees capture their thoughts, ideas, actions, and more in one easy-to-access place.

If you are already a Google Keep user, share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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