Incredibly rich thanks to Bitcoin: the 19 crypto-billionaires who matter

Crypto-wealth – Despite the high volatility that can sometimes be experienced Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies over short periods of time, this new asset class has made it possible to build real fortunes over the long term. This can be seen in particular among the richest beneficiaries of this monetary revolution, since there has never been so much happy crypto billionaires than today.

Changpeng Zhao, the richest crypto-rich man in the world

When they were only 4 in 2020and then 12 in 2021now the very select club of billionaires (in dollars) thanks to cryptocurrencies account 19 members.

The newspaper Forbes has just published its new ranking of the planet’s billionaires for the year 2022. In total, they are this time 2,668 to exceed the symbolic figure of 1,000,000,000 dollars in personal wealth.

In the case of our dear cryptosphere, they are therefore now 7 moreheaded by a Changpeng “CZ” Zhao. The founder and CEO of Binance saw the value of its crypto assets literally explode in one year. CZ would thus have a fortune of $65 billionagainst a little less than 2 billion last year!

The Top 3 crypto-billionaires: trading platforms make their founders rich!

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Sam Bankman-Fried and Brian Armstrong on the Crypto Billionaire Podium

The founder of the platform FTXjust thirty years old Sam Bankman Friedhad made a more than sensational entry into this ranking last year, directly taking first place. Although it is “only” second this year, his fortune has more than well progressedsince it goes from 8.7 billion dollars in 2021, to $24 billion This year.

the third of the crypto-billionaire podium is also a founder and CEO of a crypto-exchange, in this case of Coinbasesince it is about Brian Armstrong. Unlike its two predecessors, the latter would have earned only a “small” hundred million dollars more over one year, going from 6.5 to $6.6 billion.

Some newcomers have therefore made their debut this year. Let’s start with those from the world that has become very fashionable non-fungible tokens (NFT): Become Finzer and Alex Atallahboth co-founders of NFT exchange OpenSea.

The developers of future of the internet are also rewarded for their efforts, since the founders ofAlchemy, a web3 infrastructure companyalso became crypto-billionaires. It is Nikil Viswanathan and Joseph Lauco-founders of Alchemy.

No wonder these crypto fortunes have been building for a year, when you see all the money that wealthy institutional investors have bet in the digital asset sector in 2021. The surest recipe to reach the billion dollars in any case seems to be founder of a crypto-stock exchange!

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