INFO RTL – The CEO of an insurance group imprisoned for exploitation and rape of minors

He is 75 years old and is one of the 500 largest French fortunes. This entrepreneur in the field of insurance has been placed since Saturday May 21 in pre-trial detention, indicted – among other things – for trafficking in minors, rape of minorsand participation in a criminal association with a view to committing kidnapping or sequestration in an organized gang.

After a meticulous investigation which mobilized a good part of the personnel of the Brigade for the Protection of Minors (BPM) of the Parisian PJ, a whole system was discovered by the police.

According to information from RTL, a 22-year-old woman presented herself to the Parisian police last March. She explained to them that for 5 years, she was “captive” of a wealthy man, who lodged her in one of his apartments and repeatedly raped her. Worse still, when, according to her words, she was becoming “too old for him”, the young woman would have been forced to find
a replacement” to take over. This is how a 14-year-old girl would then have been housed in this apartment.

The complainant managed to film the CEO and 14 year old girl together in a bed. This video was turned over to investigators.

Relatives also incarcerated

The story does not end there. While the CEO is aware of the existence of this video, he will try to silence the complainant. Justice suspects him of having wanted to set up a team to kidnap the young woman, seize the video, and force her to leave France. For this, the septuagenarian would have asked his wife, two employees of his company, a young woman close to the complainant, as well as a former member of the GIGN, having left the elite group 20 years ago.

All five were arrested last week, and indicted on Saturday for “non-denunciation of sexual assault on a minor, and participation in a criminal association with a view to committing kidnapping or kidnapping in an organized gang”. They were also remanded in custody., confirmed the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office to RTL. Their respective roles and objectives have yet to be determined at this stage.

A system that has been repeated for many years

According to our information, the investigators also traced the past of this man. They discovered the existence of at least 7 young women, minors or young adults, who have succeeded each other in this apartment. The investigation determined that they were young girls with similar profiles: unemployed or runaways, at odds with their family or society.

Always the same mechanism in place, once they reached their twenties, the CEO said he was not interested in them and asked them to find a younger girl to take their place in the apartment.

RTL has attempted to contact the main respondent’s lawyer, who has not yet responded to our requests.

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