INFO TF1 – Cryptocurrencies: the alleged crooks of the Ponzi pyramid arrested

On its home page, the website of the RR Crypto association claims to be concerned about the happiness and fulfillment of its customers. Everything is summed up in three words: “Know-how, listening, benevolence”. RR Crypto, whose offices are located in Longvic in the suburbs of Dijon (Côte d’Or), has been subject to compulsory liquidation since last summer. Even more annoying, its former manager and three of its former employees were arrested this week. All are accused of having set up a vast “Ponzi pyramid”, which left behind at least 700 victims…

Vincent Ropiot – a modestly self-proclaimed 27-year-old entrepreneur “passionate and committed” – and three of his office neighbors within RR Crypto were given handcuffs on Tuesday March 5 early in the morning, before being taken into custody by the Dijon judicial police. Since last summer, with the help of the Office against cyber-crime (OCLTIC) and that in charge of the repression of major financial crime (OCRGDF), the investigators have been searching tirelessly in the bank accounts and hard drives of suspects, looking for millions of euros in cryptocurrencies supposedly vanished. A juicy jackpot, gone up in smoke without blows or threats.

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