Inspirational photo of temporary charging according to Tesla

We share with you the image transmitted by a user of the social network Twitter, merrill_lines. It was during a road trip that he came face to face with a new kind of Supercharger station. Unable to know if this Supercharger model is set to deploy, it requests information from its subscribers. We deliver our analyzes to you.

Tesla is working hard on deploying temporary stations for peaks

As you know, we are very regular in our movements, waze must clearly know something about it. There are peak times during the day and school holidays during the year. These peaks are very important because they can be detrimental to the use of the electric vehicle during peak periods. Indeed, no one wants to wait hours queuing at a charging station to gain a few km.

The images are telling enough to think about solutions that make it possible to manage these peaks which are linked to seasonal flows. In reality, these problems are temporary but they give a hard time to the recharging networks.

A portable station in detail

It is apparently a pre-made charging unit with 2 Urban Superchargers running at 72 kw and a large Powerpack battery. Assembling everything at the factory saves time. This unit may be designed to be portable, but it’s unclear if that’s the intent here.

In this photo you can notice the base which can be easily transported.

An upcoming deployment?

It’s possible! This problem is global, it would be very interesting to install these bases on the highway or near already busy superchargers. It seems important to consider multiplying the solutions to facilitate recharging for those who cannot recharge at home for various reasons.

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