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Motorbike road trip checklist

A beautiful motorcycle road-trip, it’s getting ready. Here is a little checklist to help you not forget anything essential:

Essential documents

– As a priority, your travel documents: identity card, driving licence, insurance, car registration document, passport, possible visa…

– Are your driver’s license, insurance and assistance valid in the country(ies) you plan to cross?

– Are your bank cards / credit cards accepted in the country(ies) you plan to cross?

– Also prepare a list of emergency numbers for each country crossed.

Motorcycle & equipment

– Check the condition of your equipment: helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, boots…

– Do not forget the equipment in case of rain: waterproof jacket, rain pants and windbreaker, neck protector…

– And for the great weather: ventilated jacket, light gloves…

– Waterproofing luggage can always be used.

– Check the condition of the motorcycle: tire pressure and wear, brakes, headlights, indicators, horn, chain, leak…

– Take a puncture repair kit.

– As well as a padlock or anti-theft device.

Latest tips

– Check if there are different traffic rules in the country(ies) you plan to cross.

– Prepare your electronic devices: Smartphone, laptop, tablet, GPS…

– Chargers, power strips, any adapters always come in handy.

– Just like protection against the sun: sunglasses, sunscreen, hat…

– Think about the first aid kit: paracetamol, antiburn, mosquito repellent, antidiarrheal, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant…

– And water with a water bottle that keeps liquids cool.

NB: Limit the load and place heavy things as low as possible!

Liberty Rider, the motorcycle GPS app that can save your life!

A Liberty Rider premium account is offered with P&V Moto insurance, but also available in a free version. Very useful during a motorcycle road trip with an automatic call for help in the event of a fall, sharing of your position for your loved ones, a biker GPS, a dangerous bends alert… and the most beautiful rides in Belgium and border countries.

Treat yourself and be careful on the road!

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