Insurance fraud doubled in 2022!

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The French would increasingly defraud their auto, motorcycle, home and health insurance contracts. This is revealed to you by our partner YouGov, who conducted a survey for

Why do the French cheat?

The number of French people who claim to have committed insurance fraud has almost doubled in 2022, from from 11% to 20%. This increase is explained in particular by the growing financial difficulties encountered by policyholders during the health crisis. Assumed fraudsters thus advance several justifications for their behavior:

  • Avoid a malus;
  • Avoid an increase in their auto, motorcycle, etc. insurance premium. ;
  • Receive better compensation in the event of a claim.

Young people more likely to cheat

36% of 18-34 year olds say they have already defrauded their insurance. Among their elders over 55, this percentage drops to 15%. A difference which can – among other things – be explained by the very strong impact of a claim on the auto or motorcycle insurance premium of the youngest.

Unlike young policyholders for whom the premium is likely to explode in the event of a claim, seniors are less hesitant about the idea of ​​having a penalty and therefore declare more of their claims. Young drivers, for example, already pay a high price with car insurance at around €971/year, or 33% more than the global average. The addition could be even more salty if a penalty were to be added to the bill! Itzal Arbide, CEO of

Here are some examples of insurance fraud: false declaration of losspresentation of false invoices to receive higher compensation, solidarity fraud (the fact of placing the responsibility for a claim on another person, or of assuming it in their place), non-declaration of claim

What are the risks of defrauding your insurance?

French law punishes insurance fraudsters. First of all, they simply risk not receive compensation from their auto, motorcycle, health or home insurer. The insurer can also stop to the insurance contract by pronouncing the nullity, while demanding to receive the payment of the premiums to come. Furthermore, in cases where the insurance company has already compensated the insured, the latter may also be obliged to refund the sums received !

Did you know ? Insurance fraud is a criminal offence, punishable by a fine of up to 375,000 euros and 5 years in prison!

No disenchantment with insurers

Despite the increase in fraud, the rate of satisfaction of the French vis-à-vis their insurance is close to 80% !

  • 88% of French people are satisfied with their car/motorcycle insurance;
  • They are 84%to assess their level of health insurance;
  • Real estate loan insurance carries the satisfaction of 73%of the insured.

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