Insurance rates are expected to rise again in the coming months, Actualité/Actu Quotidien

There is little chance that car, home or health insurance rates will escape inflation in the coming months. Trends specific to each type of insurance are emerging, however, according to the online comparator


In car insurance, after a good record in 2021 in terms of claims, road fatalities have rebounded significantly since spring 2022, but Assurland points out that the drop in travel during the summer holidays linked to the increase in fuel prices is a factor likely to reduce accidents on the roads. Assurland recalls, however, that if the frequency of accidents has been falling for 10 years, the average cost of auto claims is increasing on its side and more quickly. As a result, car insurance rates have increased by 16% since 2010, more than inflation (source: IPAP from


In home insurance, the latest figures published by the Caisse Centrale de Réassurance show a rather mild year 2021 in terms of natural disasters (floods and drought included). Unfortunately, 2022 is not following the same trend as we have seen in recent weeks with numerous episodes of bad weather, already estimated at more than one billion euros in damage. ” A salty addition that could be passed on to contracts in the coming months warns Assurland. Especially since, as in the case of the rise in the price of auto repair parts, the price of building materials has soared in recent months.


In health insurance, Assurland notes that healthcare consumption is continuing to recover. The so-called “100% Health” reform represented an additional cost of 346 million euros for complementary health insurance and the management of psychology sessions met with real success with 145,000 consultations in 2021, more than double the year. previous (source France Insurers). ” Without forgetting two unavoidable factors which lead each year to a constant increase in contributions: on the one hand the aging of the population, on the other the evolution of medical technologies. “, enumerates which thus quantified at nearly 40% the evolution of the price of complementary health for ten years.

restoring forces

Faced with these not very encouraging trends for the portfolio of individuals, Assurland reminds us that there are still certain restoring forces. Starting with the strong competition between insurance companies with the possibility of terminating their individual contract at any time, a decision mainly motivated by increases in contributions. In addition, the government regularly urges insurers to participate in improving the purchasing power of the French in times of inflation.

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