is the sedan still worth it after 320,000 kilometers traveled?

After driving 320,000 kilometers at the wheel of his Tesla Model 3, a driver gives his opinion on the electric sedan. He gave an update on car maintenance, battery degradation, winter performance, and more.

After the Tesla Model S which has covered 1.5 million kilometers and which holds the record for the most mileage of a car from the manufacturer, here is a Model 3 with more than 320,000 kilometers on the clock. Its owner, Arthur Driessen, has driven 200,000 miles (about 320,000 kilometers) in just under 4 years. He shared updates at 160,000 km and 240,000 km and he now gives his opinion on the Model 3 after riding it so much. Did the electric sedan live up to its expectations?

The Tesla Model 3 which has driven 320,000 kilometers – Credit: Arthur Driessen / YouTube

Arthur Driessen shared his adventure on his blog and through a YouTube video with nice panoramic shots. Before giving his final opinion on the electric car, he returned to several points, including maintenance, battery degradation, and winter performance.

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He spent $12,000 on electricity to charge his Tesla Model 3 at Superchargers and $15,000 on maintenance

Arthur did not encounter any serious technical problems with his Model 3, but he obviously had to change a few parts because of the vagaries of the road. Among other things, he replaced the charging port flap, the driver’s side window switch, a rear fog lamp and other little things.

Regarding the price of electricity, Arthur spent $12,000 in total to charge your Model 3 at Tesla Superchargers. He also estimates that his battery experienced a degradation of about 13%, but it did not need to be replaced. According to the former boss of Tesla, an electric car battery should last at least 15 years.

Also, Arthur explained that he had to replace the all-season tires 6 times in total as he uses winter tires for the winter season. At $1,100 for a set of 4 tires, this maintenance costs quickly. Between the electricity and the maintenance of the Tesla Model 3, Arthur Driessen claims to have spent $27,000. Adding the original price of the electric sedan and insurance costs over the past 4 years, the total cost of his Model 3 rises to $85,000. He estimates that he saved more than $30,000 compared to a thermal car.

Finally, Arthur Driessen is very satisfied with his Model 3 which has traveled 320,000 kilometres. ” I never want to go back to a thermal vehicle again. The cost of maintenance, fuel and the way these cars drive. It bothers me to sit in it now. Buying my Model 3 was the best decision I’ve ever made “, did he declare.

Source: InsideEvs

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