Like Calendly, Google Calendar gets an appointment scheduling system

Agenda, the Google application that allows you to manage and share events and agendas and publish them on the web, has a new feature: an appointment scheduling system. Available to Workspace subscribers, this allows us to share our schedule and availability using a simple URL.

Among the mobile and online solutions, there are a few players who offer to automate appointment booking and manage our professional calendar.

I have already told you about Calendly, an online solution that I used for a long time to automate my agenda and simplify my life.

On the other hand, it is certain that the Google suite is among the most popular because its global offer is extremely complete.

Why use one app for your emails, one for your documents, and a completely different app for your calendar when you can have it all in one place?

Aware that this is what users generally prefer, Google is trying to play into Calendly’s flowerbeds by simplifying their appointment scheduling system.

An overview of the appointment scheduling system available to Google Workspace subscribers.

Scheduling, booking and alerts now available

Avid Google Calendar users may wonder how useful a scheduling tool is when a range of time slots that other people can book are already available on computers, phones and tablets.

In fact, the appointment scheduling system is rather complementary to it and allows professionals to go further.

It allows you to create an appointment booking page, to schedule email alerts and allows us to offer the type of appointments you want to offer between in person, on the phone, or by videoconference from Google Meet.

The calendars created can be shared with our colleagues, clients, etc. using a simple URL.

A little extra: even if almost everyone has a Google account, it is not imperative to have one to be able to schedule an appointment.

Note that this is a feature available to paid members of Google Workspace and is intended for professionals.

Already available to Google Workspace Individual subscribers, the system is now being rolled out gradually for Google Workspace Business Standard and Plus, Workspace Enterprise Standard and Plus, and Workspace Education Fundamentals, Standard and Plus (package info here).

In short, professionals will certainly be delighted with this addition, which allows them to better manage their time and schedules, but clients will also be able to benefit from it, while making appointments will be easier than ever.

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