Lotus would prepare a supercharged electric Eletre to box with the Tesla Model X Poster

Just unveiled, the Lotus Eletre could be available in a new version with three engines, 900 horsepower. It should rival the new Tesla Model X Plaid.

Source: Lotus

A few days ago, Lotus created the event by lifting the veil on its very first electric SUV. A great first and a real turning point for the brand, more accustomed to small light sports cars than to zero-emission behemoths. A 180° turn, therefore, for the British manufacturer, which gratifies us with a car connected yet rather attractive, and quite in tune with the times, while brands are forced to abandon their thermal models.

For now, only one version has been announced for the launch of this new Lotus Eletre. It will then be equipped with an electric motor displaying a power of 600 horsepower, associated with a battery whose capacity is displayed at 100 kWh. This then allows it to travel around 600 kilometers on a single charge, which can be done at a maximum power of 350 kW thanks to the 800 volt system.

A new version to come

We suspect that this variant, the only one currently formalized by Lotus, will not remain alone for long in the catalog. According to information from Top of the line, the British firm, founded by Colin Chapman, could launch an even more efficient version of the electric SUV. However, nothing has yet been officially confirmed by the manufacturer on this subject.

According to the English media, a 900 horsepower Lotus Eletre could appear in the range, at a date still unknown for the moment. Our colleagues also claim that this variant, which will therefore cover the catalog, will carry no less than three electric motors, two of which are installed on the rear axle. Combined with a weight that should remain relatively contained, this engine should undoubtedly offer quite phenomenal performance.

Faster than a Tesla Model X Plaid?

For the moment, no information concerning the performance of this version has been revealed by Lotus. But according to our colleagues, it should be able to achieve 0 to 100 km / h in less than 2.5 seconds, against 2.9 seconds currently for the strong variant of 600 horsepower “only”. Suffice to say that it will be better to have a strong heart. The maximum speed of the boosted electric SUV is not known.

Anyway, if this version does see the light of day, it could then compete head-on with the new Tesla Model X Plaid. As a reminder, the electric SUV has a power of 1,006 horsepower and performs the exercise from 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.6 seconds.

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