Lucid unveils a new Air electric sedan that’s more autonomous than the Tesla Model S

Lucid has just unveiled a new version of its premium Air electric sedan, the Grand Touring Performance. Despite its very high price, it is surprisingly less powerful than the company’s previous flagship model.

Credit: Lucid

While Lucid has closed reservations for its premium version Air Dream Edition, as this model was limited to 520 units in total, the American automaker introduced another version of the electric luxury sedan, called Grand Touring Performance. This features slightly less power than the Dream Edition Performance, while costing significantly more.

So it looks like Lucid’s new electric sedans are less efficient than the first Dream Edition versions of 2021, even though they cost more. We imagine that this sharp rise in prices is due to the shortage of semiconductors, but also to the increase in the prices of raw materials. At Tesla, all references have also seen their prices explode in the previous months.

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The Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance blows out the Tesla Model S Plaid in some areas

According to Lucid, its Air Grand Touring Performance sedan develops 1050 horsepower, that’s 31 horsepower more than the current Tesla Model S Plaid, but 61 less than the previous Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance. Moreover, its range is estimated at 717 kmwhich makes it the best in its category at the moment. In comparison, the Tesla Model S Plaid has to make do with a range of just 560 km according to the EPA cycle.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is still the fastest, since it takes 2.6 seconds to Lucid’s new electric sedan to reach 96 km/h. Finally, the car features 900V+ battery technology which enables ultra-fast charging adding up to 483 km of range in 21 minutes from a 350 kW DC charger.

The Lucid Air Grand Touring Performance model, offered at $179,000 (to which you will have to add a $1,500 destination fee), will launch in June. It will therefore arrive deliveries of the manufacturer’s long-awaited flagship model, the 819-hp Lucid Air Grand Touring full-size sedan, which can travel up to 837 km on a single charge with 19-inch wheels.

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