Mercedes will scare Tesla with the Vision EQXX

The autonomy of electric cars scares motorists. But Mercedes has just demonstrated that this anxiety could disappear one day by carrying out a roadtrip of more than 1,000 km with the Vision EQXX.

When Mercedes unveiled the Vision EQXX concept car, the entire automotive industry was impressed. Thanks to a lightweight construction, an ultra-worked body that emphasizes aerodynamics and intelligent energy management, the manufacturer with the Star presented it as the most efficient electric vehicle of all time, claiming a range of more than 1,000 km. This has left many people a little dubious. But Mercedes not only demonstrated that the incredible efficiency was true, but even exceeded its claims. On a trip through Europe, the Vision EQXX covered more than 1,000 km and arrived at its destination with just over 100 km of theoretical autonomy remaining. And no question of cheating on an easy route, this test was carried out in everyday traffic, without stopping to recharge the battery.

The Vision EQXX departed from Sindelfingen and arrived on the French Riviera 12 hours later, passing through the Swiss Alps and northern Italy. Of course, bailiffs made sure there was no cheating: they sealed the charging socket and even accompanied the electric vehicle on its 12-hour journey. “With our successful road trip in the south of France, we have shown that efficiency is the new motto. And this success also speaks clearly to our new collaborative development process, incorporating many learnings from the Mercedes-AMG F1 team and its cutting-edge team of experts in electric powertrains.”said Markus Schaefer.

And in reality, what does it give?

From mountain passes to stretches of highway, the electric vehicle also had to deal with quite cold temperatures. But the EQXX still managed to be effective. Mercedes says the variable conditions have helped make measures to aid the development of electric autos at the Star. The aero shape and drag coefficient (cd) of just 0.17 helped a lot.

Currentlythe EQS 450+ has a range of more than 700 kilometers, but Mercedes can therefore hope to announce even better in the coming days. With this level of technology at its disposal, Mercedes will certainly lead the way in terms of battery technology and may even dream of eliminating range anxiety issues altogether. Case to follow.

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