More health insurance for less protection?

A link between air pollution and intellectual performance

“By crossing the results of cognitive tests with the level of exposure to the three atmospheric pollutants, the study indicates that exposure to greater concentrations of these pollutants would be significantly associated with a lower level of performance in the three cognitive domains. studied.” From there to considering the level of air pollution in the environment of schools, there is only one step that public health and school authorities would be wise to take.

Directory of training courses at the University of Rennes 1

The University of Rennes 1 training directory details, for each diploma, the methods of access, the organization of studies, the content of the training and the contacts in all departments.

80 years to remove nitrates from the application of nitrogen fertilizers in agricultural land

The University of Rennes 1 presents the work of researcher Gilles Pinay, director of OSUR, concerning the permanence of nitrates in soils and groundwater. His work contradicts current knowledge of fertilizers…

Exo7: 1 million views for online mathematics

Launched in 2010 and led by a team of 6 teacher-researchers (Lille 1, Rennes 1, Marne-la-Vallée), the Exo7 video channel, bringing together 200 exercise videos and around forty videos of mathematics lessons for undergraduate students has just exceeded one million views.

The origin of the mountains

How were the mountains formed? A professor from Rennes 1 University presents in video the formation of mountain ranges and why they form these beautiful landscapes.

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