Mutuelles: Notice of new mergers

ACPR headquarters in Paris.

The Official Journal of this June 29 records the merger between several players in the world of mutuality.

The ACPR is publishing two notices relating to portfolio transfers by way of merger/absorption in the Official Journal of this Thursday, June 29. The first concerns Mutuelle de Saint Simon based in Melun. This last “submitted a request for approval of the transfer, by way of merger-absorption, with its rights and obligations, of its portfolio of subscription forms to regulations and contracts, to the mutual called Mutuelle Bleue”, we read in the text published in the OJ. The Mutuelle de Saint Simon was replaced by the Mutuelle Bleue.

The second opinion involves the Mutuelle de la Méditerranée, based in La Seyne-sur-Mer. She submitted the same application, but this time to join the Mutuelle Familiale. Approved for the accident and health branches, the Mutuelle de la Méditerranée was not subject to Solvency 2 with regard to its level of activity.

As usual, the creditors of these two mutuals have a period of two months to submit their observations.

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