Mysterious childhood hepatitis: the first death reported in the UK

The World Health Organization has announced the death of a British child, suffering from acute hepatitis.

Since April 5, cases of acute childhood hepatitis, of unknown origin, are increasing in Europe. Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports 169 cases identified, in almost 12 countries different.

If until now, all the affected patients managed to be treated, the dead of a British child this Saturday April 23 undermines these predictions. This is the first time that a child with this mysterious hepatitis has died. For the moment, no additional information concerning the deceased child has been transmitted.

At least 169 cases of acute hepatitis in children aged one month to 16 years old have been identified in an outbreak that now involves 11 countries, the World Health Organization said.

— CNN (@CNN) April 25, 2022

The number of cases on the rise

In recent weeks, the number of identified cases has risen dramatically, reaching 169 today. mysterious hepatitis crossed the borders of Europe, from where it seems to have emerged, since the UNITED STATES now have 9 cases and Israel12.

While the majority of cases, 114, are still in the UKa few cases have also appeared in Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy, Norway, Romania, Belgium and France.

However, it is not yet possible to know “whether there has been an increase in hepatitis cases, or an increase in awareness of hepatitis cases” the WHO said in a statement.

Late breaker session at #ECCMID2022 on acute hepatitis cases of unknown origin in children.
So far, 169 cases have been reported from 11 countries since first case was identified in 31 March. 17 have required liver transplant & at least one death has been reported. #IDTwitter

— Muge Cevik (@mugecevik) April 25, 2022

Worry increases

The death of the young Briton is fueling growing concern surrounding the mystery of childhood hepatitis. Moreover, the number of grafts remains considerable. According to the WHO, approximately 1 in 10 patientsi.e. 17 children, were forced to undergo liver transplantbecause of this infantile hepatitis.

The origin of this infantile hepatitis remains to this day still unknown. If suspicion is directed towards the infectious agent Adenovirus 41nothing is yet decided, which makes the treatment of this hepatitis more delicate.

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The World Health Organization said that at least one child death had been reported following an increase of acute hepatitis of unknown origin in children, and that at least 169 cases had been reported in children in 12 countries.

— The Hindu (@the_hindu) April 24, 2022

The mysterious infantile hepatitis soon in Occitania?

Currently, 2 cases were detected in Francearound Lyonsand 2 others have been identified in Catalonia. The rapid development of this childhood hepatitis obviously makes it possible to identify cases in Occitania.

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However, it is possible to protect yourself against it by respecting the hygiene measures prescribed by the WHO: wash your hands frequently, cough into your elbow,… Knowing the symptoms, listed by the Independent, also allows you to react quickly, and therefore optimize the care of the child.

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