NÎMES Electronic voting and Google Arts and Culture

The Municipal Council of Nîmes on April 9, 2022 (Photo Anthony Maurin).

During the last City Council, digital and its place at the heart of the city were at the rendezvous with the proposal to use electronic voting for the upcoming professional elections and to showcase a partnership with Google Arts and Culture

The general renewal of the advisory bodies within which the participation of civil servants and agents of the territorial public service is exercised will take place in December 2022.

The City of Nîmes has deliberated on the attachment of the Caisse des Écoles, the Régie Carré d’Art and the CCAS to the authorities of the City as permitted by the General Code of the Public Service. In this sense, the agents of the Caisse des Écoles, the Régie Carré d’Art and the CCAS will be required to vote according to the same methods as the agents of the City of Nîmes. This is where the opponents of the maneuver rushed in. But for the City, this desire is accentuated by the health crisis. The financial consequences of this deliberation will be reflected in the reference budget documents.

Digitized art from Nîmes

Let’s stay in digital but completely change the subject with a more cultural part. Google Arts and Culture is a non-profit initiative, which aims to facilitate access to art and culture for all, to highlight museum collections, give them an international audience and to preserve cultural heritage. global.

Google Arts and Culture now brings together more than 2,000 partner cultural institutions (museums, monuments, theatres, operas, associations, natural sites, etc.) in more than 80 different countries around the world.

Google Arts and Culture provides its partners with resources and skills such as access to the platform and publication tools, digitization of works, production of 360° panoramic shots, etc. Google Arts and Culture offers great visibility regarding the richness and diversity of the territory’s cultural offer. The City of Nîmes therefore wishes to be able to make this platform accessible to other local cultural actors.

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