Nintendo launches insurance service in Japan to repair the Joy-Con Drift

Nintendo launches in Japan a repair service for all Switches in Japan. This warranty service makes it possible to repair various breakdowns that may occur on the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch OLED // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

We have known for a few years the drift problems on the Joy-Con of the Switch. Premature wear described as inevitable by Nintendo and which does not suit the players at all. In Japan, the manufacturer has launched warranty coverage to repair the various Switch models of Japanese gamers.

$15 per year warranty

An official Nintendo Switch repair service has been launched in Japan. Baptized ” Wide Care », it guarantees the coverage of several repairs. This warranty covers natural breakdowns, breakdowns due to humidity and damage related to the fall of the console. The subscription is around 1.5 euros per month or 15 euros per year.

Nintendo sells this service mainly for families who want to avoid unpleasant surprises due to a child dropping the game console. This coverage service looks pretty broad, but with a limit of six repairs per year. However, shipping of the console is included in the insurance price.

Repair coverage // Source: Destructoid (with automatic translation)

Nintendo’s three home consoles can be covered by this service: the Switch, the Switch Lite and the Switch Oled. Repairs may concern the body, the screen, the Joy-Con controllers (not for the Lite model), the dock (not for the Lite either) or the mains charger.

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