Origin: the new free-to-play game from Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Origin is an online video game that highlights the concept of cryptocurrencies. This is a totally NFT-based game. Created by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese studio, the game uses currencies based on the Ethereum blockchain. All users can discover the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in a captivating and fun way.

Axie Infinity teams announce the launch of the game Origin

The goal of Axie Infinity

After the recent Ronin Network hack, it was important to restore the confidence of players, users and investors with the launch of a new game. This incident cost Axie Infinity players around $624 million but also Sky Mavis . The company claims to have raised $150 million in funding from Binance as well as other investors. According to her, this is a way to reassure the entire community about its ability to manage urgent working capital needs.

Origin is a standalone, free-to-play web game that can be downloaded from Sky’s Mavis distribution platform: Mavis Hub. Its launch was scheduled for last week, but had to be postponed following the hack. The free-to-play alpha test is not yet available on Android or iOS. However, a web-based mobile version is planned.

We wanted to keep making progress and proving our hard work to the community. That’s why we launched Early Access this week. We’re excited about it, and think the community will be too. said Jeff Zirlin, Sky Mavis Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer.

Axie Infinity an inaccessible platform?

More than 1.5 million daily active users are present on the current game of Axie Infinity. However, the game is not accessible to everyone due to a high price. Indeed, players must mint their Axies or creatures via cryptocurrency transactions. Today, the cost of creation is around $20 each. The price has become a major obstacle since the Axie Infinity project has quickly become essential in certain countries such as the Philippines. Victims of the pandemic, the inhabitants have turned to gambling in order to earn a living. Indeed, the latter were tempted by the fact of being able to earn their salary by playing.

After starting to play, characters can evolve and be traded to other players. This is the “Play to earn” concept. The game uses NFTs, non-fungible tokens, for unique identification of each Axie character. Thus, the Axie Infinity project quickly became the precursor to play-to-earn blockchain games, allowing Sky Mavis to raise $152 million.

It should be noted that the capitalization of the project amounts to more than 3 billion dollars. The AXS token is worth $52.39 per unit despite the hacking incident.


After raising $624 million to reimburse players who lost their cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity plans to increase the number of validators to 21 in the coming months. Subsequently, after its security audit and an update, the Ronin network will be available again.

In the meantime, Sky Mavis has launched the Origin game in a bid to grow its user base. The latter allows you to start playing with three characters, with completely free access without having to use a digital wallet or even buy an NFT.

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