Our tips for recharging you

You want to recharge your Tesla Model X ? Tesla Magazine gives you the keys to successful charging. The solutions home, at work and in public spaces are numerous. For convenience, always keep in mind that the charging station is your friend.

Do you want to pay less for recharging your electric car?

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Quick overview of the vehicle

The Tesla Model X is available in three versions: a standard model that reaches 330 km on a single charge, an extended range model that reaches 420 km on a single charge, and a high acceleration model with a autonomy 400 km.

Note that autonomy depends on the speed at which you are driving, your driving style, ambient temperature and road conditions. the price of the standard model is €93,335.

Charging Instructions

Opening the charging socket door

Your Model X’s charging port is housed behind a hatch in the driver’s side taillight. Park Model X with the cable easily reaching the charge port.

With Model X unlocked (or a valid key within range) and in Park Mode, press and release the Tesla Charge Cable button to open the charge port door .


To charge at a public charging station, plug the appropriate adapter into the vehicle’s charging socket, then connect the station’s charging connector to the adapter.

Align the connector with the charging socket and insert it fully. Once the connector is properly inserted, charging begins automatically once Model X:

  • Snapped the latch that holds the connector in place;
  • Shifted into P (Park) mode (if another driving mode was engaged);
  • Heats or cools the battery as needed. If the battery needs to be heated or cooled, it will take some time before charging begins.

Charging status

The charging status is displayed on the dashboard as soon as the charging socket door is opened.

  1. Time Remaining: Estimated remaining recharge time before reaching the recharge limit you set.
  2. Recharging: Current power of the charger.
  3. Charging speed: Maximum available current of the connected charging cable.
  4. Autonomy gained: Estimated increase in driving distance obtained during the charging session.
  5. Driving Distance: Displays a total estimate of the remaining driving distance or the percentage of energy remaining.

Stop charging

Stop charging at any time by unplugging the charging cable or touching “Stop Charging” on the touchscreen.

To disconnect the charging cable:

  1. Press and hold the connector handle button to release the latch.
  2. Pull the connector to remove it from the charging socket. The charging socket door closes automatically.

Loading Parameters

You can access charging settings by pressing Controls > Recharge when your Model X is in P (Park) mode. While charging your vehicle, display the charging status on the dashboard.

Scheduled charging and scheduled departure

Switch from Scheduled Departure to Scheduled Recharge by pressing Controls > Recharge > Switch to Scheduled Departure/Scheduled Recharge.

Supercharger usage fees and standby fees

When charging using a Tesla Supercharger, information about the charging session is displayed at the bottom of the charging screen. This information includes the location, the start time of the recharge and the estimated cost of the session. Once the supercharge is complete, the estimated cost for that session is displayed until a new supercharge session begins.

Why choose a charging station?

  • Recharges up to 8 times faster than a household outlet.
  • Tracking and automatic settlement of charging fees.
  • Helps you consume available power efficiently and economically.
  • Available with several powers, several cable lengths and with a cable holder.
  • Requires little maintenance thanks to its durable and modular design.

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