P. Plasse: insurance broker since 1927

HASoday, Vincent Plasse, Pierre’s great-grandson, has joined the family business alongside his father, Pierre Plasse, 2nd of the name. Although old, P.PLASSE & Cie is no less modern and always ready to take up challenges.

Insurance products for real estate assets

Although P.PLASSE & Cie specializes in insurance brokerage for real estate assets, its offer also extends to professionals and individuals. The company offers a wide range of insurance: construction, guarantee of unpaid rent, legal protection, housing, valuables, etc.

For each of the contracts offered, P.PLASSE & Cie negotiates the most advantageous rates with the insurance companies, while obtaining top-of-the-range guarantees adapted to the situation of the customers. To help them in their efforts, future policyholders can rely on a team of professionals. A dedicated contact responds to all requests, from subscription to any claims. “Clients must feel supported,” explains Vincent Plasse.

Digitization of services

Upon his arrival, Vincent Plasse wanted to bring society into the 2.0 era, by digitizing the services offered. Thus, the website has been modernized, and an online subscription service has been installed. But the most important thing lies in the daily management of contracts accessible from an extranet set up for customers.

This has greatly optimized the processing time of files. Indeed, this digitization combined with the involvement and presence of the company’s employees guarantee customers to have quick, even immediate answers to their requests. “ P.PLASSE & Cie, these are all the services of the major brokers, with an ultra-fast decision-making process.” However, everyone has a choice and can continue to manage their requests in direct contact with an advisor.

Rapid and personalized claims management

Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that we suffer a disaster. In this case, P. PLASSE & Cie offers personalized case management and follow-up, the aim being to rebuild the client’s assets as quickly and pleasantly as possible. The company therefore takes charge of all the procedures and informs customers in real time of the progress of the file. Here again, each client discusses with his dedicated adviser.

Sometimes, the claim declaration can take time (especially when it comes to a property manager). When this happens, it is important to be reactive and deal with the claim immediately. In all cases, customers can follow the progress of support via their extranet.

A new service for the start of the 2022 school year

The number of contracts offered by P.PLASSE & Cie is already significant. However, the company has decided to negotiate for a new product: property damage insurance. This new contract will be made available to customers wishing to begin major work on real estate.

It is a question here of repairing the possible disorders due to work, and which engage the responsibility of the builders, via their ten-year guarantee. It can be, for example, an extension, an elevation or even a facelift. This insurance, compulsory for major works, must be taken out before the start of the works by the person ordering the works.

Little by little, P.PLASSE & Cie is increasing the range of its products to allow everyone to take out the insurance they need under the best possible conditions. His professionalism and his proximity to clients make him a first-rate broker, present for nearly 100 years in France.

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